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Today is a very special day! Our Joel turns 43 today! I wish a very happy birthday to Joel, that he has an amazing day and an more than amazing year. Keep being this sweet, passionate people you are Joel, keep amazing us with your talent acting, writing and directing. I’m so proud of you and everything you’ve achived, you’re awesome!! We love you, and once again, happy birthday!

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Joel was spotted today having a great time at the beach in Sydney, Australia! You can check the pictures in our gallery:

Out And About > 2017 > At The Beach In Sydney (06.15)

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Joel was spotted today at Sydney aiport while he was coming back from the US. You can check pictures in our gallery:

Out And About > 2017 > At Sydney Airport (06.15)

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During the week, Joel and his co-stars gave inumerous interviews to talk about their new movie, It Comes at Night, which opened in theaters yesterday. You can check some of the interviews bellow:

June 10, 2017   bella   Interview Be first to comment

In a recent and interesting interview with GQ Magazine, Joel talked about his preparation for his role in ‘It Comes at Night’, horror of manhood and more! Check it out:

Joel Edgerton is hungry. When I walk into his hotel room to discuss his new horror film, It Comes at Night, he’s hunched over a bacon, egg, and cheese breakfast wrap. He has to eat in “bites” between brief interviews. As I leave his room at the end of the conversation, I hear him shouting, “I’m having another bite!” to his manager, who’s eager to send the next writer in.

Edgerton’s been an indie staple for years now, with turns in the excellent Warrior, the original, confounding Midnight Special, and last year’s awards-courting Loving. The Australian is also no stranger to bigger things; he played Tom Buchanan in Baz Luhrmann’s The Great Gatsby, and led the unfortunately underseen remake/reboot/prequel to The Thing. Right now, he’s leading Trey Edward Shults’s brand new horror film, which explores the dynamics between two families vying to survive—and struggling to trust each other—in the middle of a deadly virus outbreak that’s decimated America. It’s unrelentingly tense, and has some of the best, most beautifully disturbing visuals you’ll see all year.

One more thing Edgerton did was sleep on my couch thirteen years ago when he and his then-girlfriend, a friend of my family’s, visited England. He is very bad at FIFA.

Joel Edgerton: I knew you looked familiar! Yeah, we were in the countryside in that little cottage! How’s your mum?

Tom Philip, GQ: She’s very well!

Joel: I remember we went to Wimbledon together to watch the Wiliams sisters play each other. Their inspiration coach was right next to us, cheering both of them at every hit of the ball, it was insane. Man, how funny. [laughs]

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As we posted before, Joel was a guest last night on Late Night with Seth Meyers to promote ‘It Comes at Night’. You can check two clips from the interview bellow:

Joel is going to be a guest tonight at The Late Night with Seth Meyers as part of It Comes at Night promotion! The stills from the interview were already released, you can check them in our gallery. The show will air tonight at 12:35/11:35c on NBC.

Television Appearances > 2017 > Late Night With Seth Meyers – June

June 8, 2017   bella   Out and About Be first to comment

Joel was spotted on June 06 while leaving ‘Nightcap’ Season 2 Premiere Party in NYC. You can check the pictures in our gallery:

Out And About > 2017 > Leaving ‘Nightcap’ Season 2 Premiere Party In NYC (06.06)

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According to Deadline, Joel is going back to behind the cameras! He’s set to direct and star the movie ‘Boy Erased’, based on the memoir by Garrard Conley. Joel wrote as well the script. Check more details bellow:

Multiple distributors are bidding for Boy Erased, a provocative drama Joel Edgerton has scripted and will direct based on the memoir by Garrard Conley. Edgerton will star with Manchester By The Sea‘s Lucas Hedges, and Edgerton is courting Russell Crowe and Nicole Kidman for supporting roles, I’m told. Edgerton is producing with Anonymous Content’s Kerry Roberts and Steve Golin, with Tony Lipp and Kim Hodgert exec producing. Annapurna, Netflix, Amazon, Focus are the names I’m hearing for potential landing places. The film will start production in the fall.

Edgerton, who wrote and produced the 2015 sleeper hit The Gift, has adapted the 2016 Garrard memoir of his harrowing time attending Love in Action, an entity that attempts to deprogram LGBT people. The son of a Baptist pastor in a conservative small Arkansas town, Conley was outed to his parents at age 19. Conley was faced with attending a church-supported conversion therapy program that purports to “cure” homosexuality. The alternative was to risk losing his family, friends and his religion.

He entered the program, but instead of emerging from the brutal Twelve-Step Program as heterosexual, he left with the strength to embrace his true identity. The drama covers the difficulty of coming of age as a gay person in a conservative community, and the struggles that can occur when one tries to suppress that sexual identity.

Hedges, who broke out in the Oscar-nominated Manchester By The Sea, will play the protagonist, and Edgerton will play the man who runs the therapy program. Edgerton, Crowe and Kidman have long talked about doing a film together, and he wants them to play Conley’s parents. Stay tuned.

Edgerton is repped by CAA and Anonymous Content and Hedges by Paradigm and Anonymous Content.

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The first interview from the ‘It Comes at Night’ press junket has been released! You can check the interview with the site bellow: