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March 11, 2018   bella   Gringo, Public Appearances Be first to comment

First of all, I’m so sorry for the lack of updates here! Life has been hard these past weeks, but I’m back! On March 06th Joel attended the world premiere of ‘Gringo’ in Los Angeles! I’ve added more than 200 pictures from the premiere in our gallery, you can check them by clicking on the thumbnails bellow:

Public Appearances > 2018 > ‘Gringo’ Los Angeles Premiere – Red Carpet (03.06)

Public Appearances > 2018 > ‘Gringo’ Los Angeles Premiere – Inside (03.06)

Public Appearances > 2018 > ‘Gringo’ Los Angeles Premiere – After Party (03.06)

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On February 21st, Joel attended the Red Sparrow Press Conference in London! I was finally able to get the pictures in HQ, you can check them in our gallery:

Public Appearances > 2018 > ‘Red Sparrow’ Press Conference In London (02.021)

March 4, 2018   bella   Interview, Red Sparrow Be first to comment

Here is the part 2 of Joel’s interview to promote Red Sparrow! He gave interviews in Washington DC, London and New York. Enjoy!!

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March 4, 2018   bella   Interview, Red Sparrow Be first to comment

Joel and his Red Sparrow co-star, Jennifer Lawrence, did a funny video for Vanity Fair where they teach each other slangs from Kentucky and Australia. Check it out:

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Joel is on the cover of the new issue of Shortlist Magazine! He gave an interesting interview to the magazine where he talks about life, work, his parents and much more. Check it out:

Photoshoots > 2018 > Session 04

There are two very good reasons why we’ll never, ever see the footage of Joel Edgerton’s childhood acting days. Why we’ll forever be robbed of the ‘comedy cowboy’ movies that he and his older brother, Nash, shot on their dad’s Betacam in the Australian national park that their family home backed on to. Or the Chuck Norris kung-fu recreations, complete with shonky two-camera special edits that allowed Edgerton the ability to flea-leap from the ground onto the roof of a house. Or the many (wince) DIY rap music videos, complete with (double wince) choreographed dance routines and questionable lyrics that, he’d later find out, weren’t as school performance-friendly as he’d perhaps thought.

“She’ll hate me for saying it,” Edgerton tells me as he picks up his black coffee. “But mum taped over them. She taped over a huge amount of them with her daytime television shows. I’ve never been good at labelling things that belong to me, or general organisation.”

And the few that made it out of the ‘80s soap-opera steamrolling?

“My brother has a small cache. I’d take the rap for murder before letting anyone see the things in there,” he says. “There’s a video of me, drunk, aged 15, singing a U2 song, and really, seriously believing that I’ve got the chops. It’s actually, very seriously, part of the reason why I never had a 21st birthday party. I just knew that it was going to be a video slaughter of me.”

Edgerton, coffee safely resting in his set of huge and well-worked hands, is sitting across from me in a hotel room that would be the epitome of luxury, were it not for the intermittent drilling and hammering happening one floor above. Work that, according to Edgerton, sounds a lot like “Claridge’s is farting!” But there’s never a threat of the Hollywood tantrum you’d maybe expect of a guy who’s shared top-line film-poster space with Leonardo DiCaprio, Johnny Depp and Christian Bale. As if to further emphasise his nice-guy credentials, Edgerton cracks into a tribute to actors who have found success at half his age.

“You know, I look at a guy like Timothée Chalamet and a guy like Lucas Hedges. Man, they had it all worked out by the age of 15, maybe 20. I’m so impressed by those kids. The kids who put the puzzle together sooner. Because when I was 20, I was stumbling, definitely, around in the dark. I was never that.”

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On March 01st, Joel was a guest on Late Night with Seth Meyers to promote Red Sparrow! You can check photos and videos of the interview bellow:

Television Appearances > 2018 > Late Night With Seth Meyers – March

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On February 27th, Joel attended a special screening of his new movie, ‘Gringo’! He was joined by his brother Nash Edgerton, who is the director of the movie. You can check pictures in our gallery:

Public Appearances > 2018 > ‘Gringo’ Special Screening In Miami (02.27)

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Joel attended this past monday, February 26th, Red Sparrow‘s NYC premiere alongside his co-stars and the director of the movie! You can check more than 240 pictures in our gallery:

Public Appearances > 2018 > ‘Red Sparrow’ New York Premiere (02.26)

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Joel and his Red Sparrow co-star, Jennifer Lawrence, talked with People Magazine in Washington DC about the movie and what they think about each other, you can check it bellow:

Photoshoots > 2018 > Session 03

When you’re spending a secluded three months filming a spy thriller in Eastern Europe — during one of the most freezing cold winters on record — it’s not hard to bond with your costars.

“It was just a really enjoyable group of people to be around,” Australian actor Joel Edgerton, 43, tells PEOPLE in the new issue about getting close to Jennifer Lawrence, 27, and the entire Red Sparrow crew while shooting in Budapest, Vienna, Bratislava and London. “We’d just mostly go out to dinners and stuff. I need friends, see!”

“We all needed friends! We were alone in Eastern Europe!” says Lawrence with a laugh.

Lawrence notes the majority of the film’s crew, including director Francis Lawrence, were people she already knew from shooting Hunger Games, so they were tight-knit from the start.

“Even the camera guys were from Hunger Games,” says Lawrence. “So it was a pretty O.G. crew. It was actually a really hard group to get into. But Joel made it.”

Edgerton says, “It literally felt like I was visiting someone’s else’s Thanksgiving dinner.”

Edgerton and Lawrence’s friendship has continued since filming the thriller, in which Lawrence plays a Russian spy trained to use her sexuality to get information, and Edgerton is an American CIA operative hoping to turn her into a double agent. But they each think the other one is a little bit weird.

“Joel is genuinely the weirder one,” Lawrence says. “He came over for the Mayweather fight and had a bunch of pens in his pocket, and I was like ‘Why do you have so many pens in your pocket,’ and he said, And a breadstick!’ and took it out and ate it. I was like whoa.”

“What’s weird about that?” counters Edgerton. When asked if there was anything weird about Lawrence, Edgerton had to pause and think.

“He’s got nothing. My weirdest habit is reading,” Lawrence says.

Shrugging, Edgerton says, “Everything that Jen does is sort of weird.”

February 28, 2018   bella   Interview, Red Sparrow Be first to comment

On Monday, Joel went to Good Morning America to talk about Red Sparrow! And he had two very special guests during his interview: his parents! You can check it bellow: