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April 24, 2017   bella   It Comes at Night Be first to comment

The first still of Joel’s upcoming movie, ‘It Comes at Night’, was released today by Entertainment Weekly! A really small interview was released as well, check it out:

In the new horror-thriller It Comes at Night, a father (Joel Edgerton), mother (Selma’s Carmen Ejogo), and their teenage son (The Birth of a Nation’s Kelvin Harrison Jr.) are attempting to survive a civilization-destroying pandemic in a remote house in the woods. So when an intruder (Christopher Abbott) arrives, pleading for help, they are forced to choose between kindness and potential infection. And this is one killer sickness.

In an early scene, the family is faced with the deteriorating condition of Ejogo’s character’s father, who has fallen victim to the virus. To depict the grotesque physical effect of the contagion, writer-director Trey Edward Shults (Krisha) suggested that makeup department head Sasha Grossman and special-effects makeup artist Jessie Eden use real-life illnesses as references. “We looked at whatever photos we could find that related to the bubonic plague, related to Ebola virus,” Eden says. “We took a little bit of every gnarly disease.” The pair created a look that featured boils and blackened veins. And for the coup de grâce? “To be even scarier, we added solid black demonlike eyes,” Grossman says.

The film’s inspiration, though, comes from an emotional place: the cancer-related death of Shults’ father, who had addiction issues and had reunited with his son only shortly before passing away. “It was a hugely traumatic, life-changing moment in my life,” Shults says. “I started writing the opening scene and then this whole fictional story burst out of that.”

Edgerton considers It Comes at Night one of a new breed of horror films that engages brains as well as raises hairs. “Let’s be honest, horror movies have a bad rap,” says the Australian actor, whose own directorial debut, 2015’s The Gift, won high marks as an unsettling thriller. “It’s up to movies like Get Out and It Follows — and this movie, I hope — to [remove] the stigma of what I refer to as the ‘blood porn’ nature of horror. Horror films can be incredibly intelligent.” In other words, don’t expect his movie to give the genre a black eye.

It Comes at Night is released June 9.

April 20, 2017   bella   It Comes at Night Be first to comment

A24 realeased yesterday a new poster for ‘It Comes at Night’! The movie opens on June 9 in the US. Check it out:

March 24, 2017   bella   Photoshoot Be first to comment

I’ve updated our gallery with 20 exclusive outtakes of Joel’s photoshoot for The Rake Magazine from last year. Please, don’t re-post them as they’re exclusive. Enjoy!!

March 23, 2017   bella   Interview Be first to comment

W Magazine finally released Joel’s screen test from the beginning of the year when he photographed for the Best Performance Issue of the magazine. Check it out:

March 22, 2017   bella   Movies, Red Sparrow Be first to comment

Red Sparrow’s author, Jason Matthew, visited the movie’s set in Budapest last week and posted today this picture with Joel! Check it out:

March 21, 2017   bella   Photoshoot Be first to comment

Our gallery has been updated with new outtakes from Joel’s photoshoot for The Hollywood Reporter alongside Ruth Negga from last year. Check them out:

March 17, 2017   bella   Interview Be first to comment

Joel gave an really interesting interview with The Examiner where he talks about a lot of things, inlcuding his new movie, Red Sparrow. Check it out:

Even though he is in exotic Budapest – shooting a spookily prescient spy thriller opposite Jennifer Lawrence – Joel Edgerton has been thinking about reality television back in Australia.

“I live my life sometimes unfortunately looking at Australia through a computer,” he says. “And there’s all this talking and debating and interest in this show Married at First Sight.”

Having starred in Loving, a deeply felt drama about an American couple who were arrested, jailed and banished from their home state for an inter-racial marriage in 1958, Edgerton believes that staging weddings for television entertainment is “insulting”, especially given the debate about marriage equality.

“We’re saying it’s interesting and fascinating and TV worthy that we can introduce a man and a woman who have never met and sort of marry them together but we won’t allow two men who have had a long, loving, invested, caring, unthreatening, undamaging relationship to marry each other legally,” he says. “That’s a really weird double standard.”

Edgerton is speaking from Hungary on an upbeat day. He has just finished writing the first draft of the next film he plans to direct after the success of the creepy thriller The Gift two years ago. His friend Ben Mendelsohn is due in town soon to continue playing the Sheriff of Nottingham in a new Robin Hood. And he is heading to a “halfway mark party” on the shoot for his latest movie, the romantic political thriller Red Sparrow. “It’s not enough for people to have starting parties and wrap parties,” he says bemused. “Now they’ve got to have a halfway point party.”

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March 16, 2017   bella   Life, Movies, The Great Gatbsy Be first to comment

I’ve updated the gallery with stills, posters and screencaps of Joel’s participation in Life (2015) and The Great Gatsby (2013). You can check bellow, enjoy!

March 15, 2017   bella   Movies, The Gift Be first to comment

I’ve updated the gallery with promotional stills, behind the scenes and screencaptures of Joel’s director debut film, The Gift. Check them out:

March 6, 2017   bella   Bright, Movies Be first to comment

Entertainment Weekly released today the first promotional stills for Joel’s upcoming movie with Will Smith, Bright. The movie will be released on Netflix in December. Alongside the stills, a small interview with Joel and Will Smith. You can check it bellow:

Movie Productions > Bright > Promotional Stills

Netflix enters the blockbuster arena this year with Bright, a film that pairs eternally beloved star Will Smith with his Suicide Squad director David Ayer. The first trailer for Bright debuted during the Oscars, giving viewers a peek at the film’s unique blend of modern-day reality and high fantasy.

“I love how bizarre it is,” Smith tells EW. “I’ve been saying it’s Training Day — a gritty LA cop drama, the darkness and handheld grittiness — meets Lord of the Rings. There’s orcs and fairies and elves, mean-ass elves.”

Joel Edgerton plays an orc named Jakoby, the partner to Will Smith’s character. “I am the first orc, under a diversity program, to be allowed into the police force,” Edgerton explains. His fellow officers do not welcome him with open arms. “I’m under investigation already for an incident that involved an orc who should have been apprehended but managed to escape. The feeling is that I looked after my own kind first and neglected to do my job as a result.”

“He’s like the Jackie Robinson of orcs,” Smith says. “He has to make it go right, or other orcs won’t have a shot. So he’s taking on the social responsibility of being a good cop, with the weight of his people on his shoulders.”

Getting into character is an intriguing challenge for Edgerton, who spends up to three hours in the makeup chair becoming an orc. “Orcs are very lumber-y and slow,” he explains, “but they’re also incredibly strong.”

Smith plays Ward, who isn’t too happy about his new partner. “I’m getting ridiculed by other members of the police force,” he explains. “In their interpretation, I’m giving him a fair shot, and I should really just be trying to get him off of the force.” The script by Max Landis had a social subtext that intrigued Smith. “There’s a great scene where we’re sitting in the car, and the other police officers are beating up an orc. My character asks [Edgerton’s] the question, ‘Are you a cop first or an orc first? You need to decide.’ Juxtaposed against the imagery of him watching this orc being beaten by the police, I thought it was really cool.”

The central odd-couple dynamic, familiar from the buddy-cop genre, plays out against the backdrop of a Los Angeles that is simultaneously familiar and fantastical. “In one of the early scenes, my character has an argument with his girlfriend, and she says, ‘You haven’t killed that fairy in the bird feeder, either! Stop being a punk and go kill that fairy!’ It’s an 8-inch tall fairy, but fairies blow blue flames, so a fairy could actually really hurt you,” Smith laughs. “It’s this bizarre blending of worlds that I hope will be beautiful.”

Ayer wrote the script for Training Day and directed the neo-classic LAPD thriller End of Watch. To a certain extent, Bright follows that storytelling tradition, as Ward and Jakoby find themselves on a call that spirals out of control. “The use of magic in this world is illegal, like a high-tech weapon should be,” Smith explains. The officers receive a call to what appears to be a simple disturbance in a house near downtown Los Angeles. It leads them, Smith explains, to “a discovery of a magical relic, an artifact of the Dark Lord’s war against humanity.”

What ensues pushes the officers to their limit, but Edgerton stresses that it’s an emotional journey. “It’s the forming of a trust relationship between us,” says Edgerton. “I think we are hopefully on our way to becoming friends.”

Bright is slated for a December release.